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Having some trouble with your swing?  Let me help you with a free video analysis.  Just upload your swing to a shared site (like YouTube), send me the link, and I'll send you a swing analysis and some great tips to improve your game!



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Hello Golfers,


I'm Greg "The Golf Guy" Jones and I'd like to welcome you to my golf tips website.  I am the owner and director of the Greg Jones Golf Academy, a motivational speaker, and corporate liaison.   I have been instructing golfers and hosting corporate events for over 25 years, teaching thousands of students annually.  My "Keep It Simple" philosophy has helped my students achieve success in their games and can now help you succeed as well.  I have some great tips and videos here covering everything from basic fundamentals to how to fix that dreaded slice.  In my videos, I use teaching aids and drills that I have developed that will help you improve your golf swing, impact and flight pattern.  Like what you see?  Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter for additional videos and tips.  Need more help?  Feel free to send me a video and I'll send you personalized comments on your swing.  Just follow the link on the side of this page. I also welcome your comments and feedback on the site.  

Greg The Golf Guy

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