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Develop a Golf Swing Step By Step

Building a swing from the ground up is much easier than tearing it down. 


Hitting the driver well is easier than you think

Hitting a driver well is a matter of putting the club face squarely on the ball to get the direction and launching the ball high into the air to get the distance.  With the new 460cc drivers, we want to tee the ball where, at address position the ball looks like, it is setting on top of the wood.  This may require a longer tee, but is necessary to try to impact the ball on the top half of the driver or the expanded sweet spot that the new larger drivers have.  Align the writing on the ball with the direction you want to hit the ball. This will aid you in getting your aim and alignment correct when you address the ball properly.


The ball position needs to be in the front of the stance off the left heel or slightly further off your instep. Your weight at address should be 70% on your back side.  When taking the club away, you should make a large enough shoulder turn that it allows the center of your back to face your final destination and 80% or more of your weight to shift to the back side.  This position will help you hit the ball with an upswing while keeping the weight on the back side throughout the shot.  With every other club in your bag you try to hit down into the ball with a descending blow, except the driver, which requires an ascending blow.


Most golfers slice the ball, which of course is caused by an in-to-out swing path and an open face.  To correct his problem, practice with a 6 or 7 iron and work it out until you are ready for the driver.

Better Impact for Longer Drives

Control the Height of Your Drives

Stop Skying Your Driver

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