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Tips and Drills to Fix Those Problem Areas

Gain 20 Yards With This

One Easy Move

Gaining distance is easier than you think. Learning to properly release the club face will give you better impact, more accuracy, and the distance you've been looking for!

Looking for more distance and more consistency in your game? Check out these three drills that you can do at the range.

Three Simple Drills for

Distance and Consistency

Here’s a tip for the more advanced golfers. When you go to the range, you have the choice of what hat to wear.  Most better golfers choose the "performance hat", trying to hit the perfect golf shot every time.  And therein lies the problem.  If you’re always trying to perform, you never really practice.  In this video we discuss putting on the "practice hat” and working to have gain 100% control over every shot, instead of always trying to hit the perfect shot.

Practice To Own Every Shot

Overcome Shot Anxiety

The mental aspect of golf can be just as difficult as the physical skills.  Does your practice shot feel great, but you just can't seem to duplicate that feeling when you go to hit the shot?  Many players develop what I call "shot anxiety", that feeling you get  when your muscles tighten and your swing motion just seems to disintegrate.  Here's a drill that I recommend to my students that will help you relax and defeat shot anxiety.

We all agree that greater club head speed means more distance.  There are a lot of opinions on how to achieve this, but in my 35 years of teaching, I can tell you that there's only one way to substantially increase your club head speed.  You've got to stop moving the club and start swinging it.  In this video, I'll show you a simple drill that will help you to understand how to gain speed and with it, that extra distance you want.

Dramatically Increase Clubhead Speed

in One Practice Session

Coming over the top on a shot will result in the dreaded pull, hook, or slice.  So how do we produce a consistent in-to-out swing path so that we get the ball flight that we want?  The answer starts with the take away.  This video tip will show you a great drill to help you correctly place the club in the backswing to eliminate those over-the-top shots.

The Secret to an

In-to-Out Swing Path

Most right-handers lose the ball to the right while most left-handers lose the ball to the left simply because they don't release the club on time.  In this video, I'll show you a simple drill to help you feel when to release the club for straighter, more consistent shots.

Get Straighter, More

Consistent Shots 

Try This Tip For

Improved Distance Control

A lot of golfers have trouble controlling their distance around the greens and even from 50 or 60 yards out.  This video will show you a tip to help you develop a feel for these shots at the range, so that you can confidently control your distance on the course.

Tired of taking divots behind the ball?  Fat shots are easy to eliminate with this drill that you can do at the range.  You'll be making nice, crisp impact with the ball in no time.

The Best Drill For

Fixing Fat Shots

Eliminate Topped Shots

Having problems topping shots?  Here's an easy drill to help you gain confidence and make better impact.  The mistake most golfer make is swinging up, which causes us to top shots.  By learning to swing down, we can make better impact with the ball and eliminate those topped shots.

The Secret Drill to Control Your Direction

I get a lot of e-mails asking how to straighten out golf shots. This video explains the role of swing path and club face position in getting those straight shots. I'll also show you a surefire way to practice at the range to help you eliminate the poor shots and get the distance and direction control that you want.

Control The Direction

of Your Golf Shots

Having problems with hooks and slices?  Would you like to have more control over the direction of your shots?  Check out this video for some helpful drills to help you gain more control on the direction of your shots and avoid those unwanted surprises on the course.

Have you ever had your partner tell you to that you're topping your shots because you're raising up? First, we need to understand that fatting or thinning a shot is not an action, but rather a reaction to the action of casting the club. By knowing when to swing the club, we can eliminate fat and thin shots and get more consistent impact and distance.

The Secret Drill to Control Your Direction

There's only one cause of a slice and that's an open clubface at impact. Try these quick drills to get the clubface square at impact and say good-bye to that slice. 

Eliminate The Slice

Knowing when to release the club in the golf swing will improve the distance and consistency of your shots. this video demonstrates a drill that can be used at home or at the range to improve your timing and club release. The drill is done on a horizontal plane so that the golfer can see, feel, and hear the proper timing of the release.

Add Distance to Your Shots: Better Timing and Release

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