Golf Training Aids

When You Absolutely Want to Lower Your Scores

Ripp Stix

6 Week Speed Training System

Gain 10-30 Yards on Your Driver - GUARANTEED!

Improve Your Swing Path and Eliminate Your Slice

Ripp Stix   In-to-Out Swing Trainer

One of the most common complaints from golfers is slicing the ball. Slicing is a result of casting the club and coming over the top of the shot. The Ripp Stix In-to-Out Swing Trainer will help you develop the feel of a proper placement of the club on the backswing, and the timing and tempo you need on the downswing to avoid casting and get that club swinging in-to-out.

Here's What Golfers Are Saying...

"I ordered this product hoping to gain some club head speed. I've tried a lot of different training aids, most with disappointing results, but these really worked.  I could tell the difference within the first couple of weeks.  I am now hitting my driver 25 yards longer and my buddies are taking notice, especially now that I am consistently out-driving them."    --John A., Ashland, OH

Here's What Golfers Are Saying...

"I've spent hundreds of dollars on lessons to stop my out-to-in swing and was never able to fix it.  When I saw your trainer on your website, I was a little skeptical, but I figured it was worth a try for the price.  After using this trainer everyday for a week, I finally was able to hit my first real draw.  Thanks for a training aid that really works."    --Derrick T., Erie, PA

If you want the ball to go farther, you need to swing faster. An increase of 1 mph in club head speed will yield 2.56 extra yards with the driver. Our Ripp Stix can help you gain 5-15 mph in six weeks.  The Ripp Stix Speed Training System consists of a set of three specially designed speed sticks and drills that will build the stregth and muscle movement that you need to swing faster and gain the distance you're looking for.   The Ripp Stix can be bought as a set or purchased indiviually.  Training grips can be added to one or all of the sticks for an additional fee.