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Let Us Know How You're Doing!

Hey Greg...Just wanted to thank you for your instructions online. I've been playing since 1998 and have taken many lessons over the years, and as you know some of these have been more successful for me than others. When I watched your "inside/outside swing" video with the various rods, it improved my swing dramatically. Having visual aids, or even understanding the "feeling" of the swing was made more clear by that lesson to me than any other lesson, especially that taking the club inside is different than taking it behind me, which I think I was doing for a long while. Wish you lived by me, lol...I would be teeing off next to Jordan Spieth with your knowledge!


Greg,  Love your swing sticks!  I grew up in northern Ohio and get back periodically and would love to meet you and possibly take a couple of lessons!  I really appreciate your videos keep up the good work..


Hi Greg I wanted to thank you for your golf lessons you have posted to youtube! I'm 56 been playing for 40+ years taking a hand full of lessons but mostly work things out myself. I took a look at your videos...great information. Just what I needed. 


You are head and shoulders above any teacher I have encountered in person, on the web, or in a book or magazine. My length has increased probably 15 yards on my driver already and I'm still on the no ball stick.  My ball striking is better than its been due to you, in 51 years of playing golf.  Getting reliably on long par 4's in two that I'd never once reached in my life!! 


Greg, I've had your sticks for about 5 days. I'm also trying to incorporate crossing my hands over. I've learned just to trust the outcome and it works.  The progress I've made in 5 days is amazing..I have no

doubt that in 6-8 weeks I will be scoring in the 90s consistently and HONESTLY.  Thanks for all the help.  You are the best instructor I've found



Mr. Jones is the best teacher in modern golf. Thanks Mr. Jones for all your tips.  It was a great help.



I've read all the books, subscribed to all the magazines, and bought all the gadgets. 45 years old and could find some semblance of a golf game but usually ended up becoming frustrated again. Then I found your website. I knew it was all the fundamentals. I coach football. Find the fundamentals and make repetition your best friend. I just never found it taught so simply in golf. Then I found your website. And the easy to watch and apply lessons on fundamentals. Only used it at the range once, yesterday, trusting the system, but I've never felt so free and comfortable in my swing. Thank you sir. I'll keep practicing. Repetition works, I just needed the right tools to repeat.

--Michael Akouri

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