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The Ultimate Learning Experience

With Greg "The Golf Guy" Jones

Recognized as a Top Instructor in the Midwest Region

The methodology that Greg Jones has always used is "Keep It Simple", with a strong emphasis on basic fundamentals.  His simple approach revolves around two key factors- the way the ball reacts after it has left the club face and the way the club face actually makes impact with the ball.  It is his belief that to be a successful golfer, you need to clearly understand the story that the ball flight and impact are telling.


Now you can experience Greg's "Keep It Simple" philosophy for yourself and discover what thousands of Greg's students, from beginners to highly accomplished golfers, college players, and tour players alike, already know.  That Simple is Better. 

Experience the ultimate in personalized golf instruction.  Greg "The Golf Guy" Jones has travelled the world providing personalized and focused instruction to his clients.  Greg will travel to your site to work with you, on the course or at the range, in the areas you want to improve.  In addition, he will supply you with a complete set of training aids and demonstrate the drills needed to continue your improvement beyond your personalized instruction.  


Package Includes:  4 hours of instruction per day plus a complete set of training aids

Cost: $750/day plus expenses


Contact Greg Jones at or 567-241-3746 for scheduling.

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